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SNAGpay is a business owner to business owner platform that allows members to trade goods and services in a marketplace that then gives them credit or – Trade Bucks – to buy whatever they want.

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What is SNAGpay?

SNAGpay is a revolutionary business owner to business owner trading platform that allows members to trade goods and services in an online marketplace. We call it Barter 2.0. Instead of traditional trade programs where individuals trade their products or services with one other individual, our platform allows you to trade your goods and services for trade credit to buy anything you want in the marketplace.

How does SNAGpay save me cash?

Everything you sell on SNAGpay is at full retail price. You receive Trade Bucks equal to full retail price, but the only investment you have made is at your cost of goods. Let’s say your cost of goods is 30%. You pay SNAGpay a 10% transaction fee for items you purchase. Your cost to buy anything is 40%. Wow, you save 60% on every item you purchase on SNAGpay. Trade Bucks are an excellent tool for improving cash flow when used to cover routine operating costs such as professional services and supplies.

What kind of merchandise is available in the SNAGpay marketplace?

SNAGpay categories include food and hospitality, consumer goods, advertising, professional services, travel and entertainment.

Is SNAGpay for businesses only, or can individuals join?

SNAGpay membership is open only to approved businesses. Our business owner to business owner model sets us apart from other trade platforms. Members are assured of a simple and value-driven trade experience involving the highest quality products and services.

How do I price my goods and services that I sell on SNAGpay?

Always at full retail value. They are never sold above your everyday selling price nor are they ever discounted on SNAGpay.

May I sell used goods on SNAGpay?

No. Only new merchandise qualifies for the marketplace.

Is there a fee for transactions?

SNAGpay members pay a 10% transaction fee upon the purchase of any item. There is no fee to join SNAGpay and members pay a monthly administrative fee of just $10. The monthly fees are waived for one year for the first two thousand SNAGpay members.

How do I pay for my SNAGpay purchases?

It’s easy! You pay with Trade Bucks in your E-wallet in the SNAGpay app. The seller will scan a provided QR code, and the app transfers the exact pre-tax amount of the sale to the seller’s E-wallet. The balance of your trade bucks remain in your SNAGpay wallet. If the sale takes place remotely, the process is the same.

What about taxes?

Sales tax is collected separately at time of transaction, using money, as required by law. SNAGpay provides members with the required 1099-B form at the end of the year for all sales made during that fiscal year.

Are Trade Bucks transferable?

Business owners have the ability to gift items and services purchased on SNAGpay to individuals for employee incentives or any purpose they choose.

When I sell an item on SNAGpay, am I required to make a purchase/trade within a given time frame?

No. Your Trade Bucks are good until you are ready to spend them in the SNAGpay marketplace.

If I have questions about my account or transactions, where do I get help?

Our Member Services Agents are committed to making your trade experience as simple and seamless as possible, and they are available via phone or online chat.

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