Report Infringement

SNAGpay respects intellectual property rights and makes every effort to ensure such rights are not violated on the SNAGpay website. If you own patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights or serve as an agent for an intellectual property rights owner and believe that an infringement of intellectual property rights has occurred on the SNAGpay website, please fill out the form below to initiate an investigation.

SNAGpay may provide the party responsible for the alleged infringement (“Responsible Party”) with the name and email address of the IP Rights Owner and/or the Authorized Agent. By submitting this form, or submitting a claim via mail, you agree that SNAGpay can provide this information to the Responsible Party.

Intellectual Rights Infringement Complaint

By submitting this complaint, you are stating that you believe in good faith, that an infringement of your intellectual property has occurred